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December 1981
Produced by Norm and East Bay Ray
Engineered by Oliver DiCicco
Recorded at Möbius Music and live at Target
Mastered by John Cuniberti with East Bay Ray

Choir on "Moral Majority": East Bay Ray, Geoffrey Lyall, Ninotchka, Annette, HyJean, Darvon and Siobhan.


Track # Song Title
15. Religious Vomit
16. Moral Majority
17. Hyperactive Child
18. Kepone Factory
19. Dog Bite
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
21. We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
22. Rawhide


Chorus: All religions make me wanna throw up / All religions make me sick / All religions make me wanna throw up / All religions suck / They all claim that they have the truth / They’ll set you free / Just give ‘em money and they’ll set you free / Free for a fee / They claim that they have “the Answer” / When they don’t even know the Question / They’re just a bunch of liars / They just want your money / They just want your consciousness / (Chorus) / All religions suck / All religions make me wanna throw up / All religions suck / All religions make me wanna BLEAH / They really make me sick / They really make me sick / They really make me sick / They really make me sick / They really make me sick / They really make me ILL

You call yourselves the Moral Majority / We call ourselves the people in the real world / Trying to rub us out, but we’re going to survive / God must be dead, if you’re alive / You say, “God loves you. Come and buy the Good News” / Then you buy the president and swimming pools / If Jesus don’t save ‘til we’re lining your pockets / God must be dead if you’re alive / Circus tent con men and Southern belle bunnies / Milk your emotions then they steal your money / It’s the new dark ages with the fascists toting bibles / Cheap nostalgia for the Salem Witch Trials / Stodgy ayatollahs in their double-knit ties / Burn lots of books so they can feed you their lies / Masturbating with a flag and bible / God must be dead if you’re alive / Blow it out your ass, Jerry Falwell / blow it out your ass, Jesse Helms / Blow it out your ass, Ronald Reagan / What’s wrong with a mind of my own? / You don’t want abortions, you want battered children / You want to ban the pill as if that solves the problem / Now you wanna force us to pray in school / God must be dead if you’re such a fool / We’re planning for a war with or without Iran / Building a police state with the Ku Klux Klan / Pissed at your neighbor? Don’t bother to nag / Pick up the phone and turn in a fag / Blow it out your ass, Terry Dolan / Blow it out your ass, Phyllis Schalfly / Ram it up our cunt, Anita / ‘Cause God must be dead / If you’re alive / God must be dead / If you’re alive

I’m tired of kissin’ ass / I can’t sit still all day / You know I know your school’s a lie / That’s why you dragged me here / “You’re a hyperactive child / You’re destructive, you’re too wild / We’re going to calm you down / Now this won’t hurt a bit” / Drag me to the floor / Pullin’ down my pants / Ram a needle up my butt / Put my brain into a trance / “No more hyperactive child / Got too much of a mind / Wouldn’t you rather be happy? / Now this won’t hurt a bit” / Cameras in the halls / No windows, just brick walls / Pledge allegiance to a flag / Now you will obey…

I finally found a job in the paper / Movin’ barrels at a chemical plant / There’s a shiny-looking dust on my fingers / Goin’ up my nose and into my lungs / It’s the Kepone poisoning - Minamata / Kepone poisoning - Minamata / At the grimy Kepone Factory / Turning people into bonsai trees / Now I’ve got these splitting headaches / I can’t quite get it up no more / I can’t sleep and it’s driving me crazy / I shake all day and I’m seeing double / Kepone poisoning - Minamata / Turning people into bonsai trees / Gonna go down to your big metal building / Gonna slam right through your bright metal door / Gonna grab you by your sta-prest collar / And ram some Kepone down your throat / The lawyer says “That’s the breaks, kid / Gonna gnarl and rot the rest of your life / If you don’t sue, we’ll give you a Trans-Am…” / That I’ll never drive ‘cause I shake all the time / ‘Cause of the Kepone poisoning - Minamata / At the grimy Kepone factory

Dog bite / On my leg / Not right / Supposed to beg / Daily to the filling station / Underwater navigation / Oh / Oh / Oh…

Punk ain’t no religious cult / Punk means thinking for yourself / You ain’t hardcores ‘cause you spike your hair / When a jock still lives inside your head / Chorus: Nazi Punks / Nazi Punks / Nazi Punks - Fuck Off! / (repeat (Chorus)) / If you’ve come to fight, get outta here / You ain’t no better than the bouncers / We ain’t trying to be police / When you ape the cops it ain’t anarchy / (Chorus) / Ten guys jump one, what a man / You fight each other, the police state wins / Stab your backs when you trash our halls / Trash a bank if you’ve got real balls / You still think swastikas look cool / The real Nazis run your schools / They’re coaches, businessmen and cops / If a real fourth reich you’ll be the first to go / (Chorus) / You’ll be the first to go / You’ll be the first to go / You’ll be the first to go / Unless you think…

Last call for alcohol. Last call for your freedom of speech. Drink up. Happy hour is now enforced by law. Don't forget our house special, it's called a Trickie Dickie Screwdriver. It's got one part Jack Daniels, two parts purple Kool-Aid, and a jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with Hitler's brain in it we got in the back storeroom. Happy trails to you. Happy trails to you.
I am Emperor Ronald Reagan / Born again with fascist cravings / Still, you made me president / Human rights will soon go ‘way / I am now you Shah today / Now I command all of you / Now you’re gonna pray in school / I’ll make sure they’re Christian too / Chorus: California Uber alles / Uber alles California / Ku Klux Klan will control you / Still you think it’s natural / Nigger knockin’ for the master race / Still you wear the happy face / You closed your eyes, can’t happen here / Alexander Haig is near / Vietnam won’t come back you say / Join the army or you will pay / (Chorus)
Yeah, that's it. Just relax. Have another drink, few more pretzels, little more MSG. Turn on those Dallas Cowboys on your TV. Lock your doors. Close your mind. It's time for the two-minute warning.
Welcome to 1984 / Are you ready for the Third World War?!? / You too will meet the secret police / They’ll draft you and they’ll jail your niece / You’ll go quietly to boot camp / They’ll shoot you dead, make you a man / Don’t you worry, it’s for a cause / Feeding global corporations’ claws / Die on our brand new poison gas / El Salvador or Afghanistan / Making money for President Reagan / And all the friends of President Reagan / (Chorus)

*All songs written by Jello Biafra, East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro
Lyrics by Jello Biafra except “Dead End” by East Bay Ray
(C) 1982 Decay Music

**All songs written by Dead Kennedys except “Rawhide” by Washington/Tiomkin, Volta Music Corp.
Lyrics by Jello Biafra except “Dog Bite” by Klaus Flouride and “Religious Vomit” by 6025
(C) 1981 Decay Music