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Jeff Penalty is a product of the Philadelphia punk scene. He most notably served as drummer for RALPHUS and the cult sensation VAZ HOIL. He was also the vocalist for the Massachusetts pop-punk act JUST ABOUT DONE. Penalty moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and found himself filling in on drums for local act SIDEKICK and singing for STUPID FERRETS.

One of the first punk albums that Jeff ever owned was "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables," and it changed his life instantly. The intricate musicianship and blistering energy of Dead Kennedys was unlike anything he'd ever heard before, and is something he believes has gone unmatched to this day. He is a rabid fan of charged lyrics, progressive politics, and dark humor .Penalty describes his appointment as lead singer of Dead Kennedys as "the realization of a dream I never even dared to have."

1993 RALPHUS: "The Shipment Is In"
1995 VAZ HOIL: "Time Off for Bad Behavior"
1997 JUST ABOUT DONE: "Mr. Aronius' Last Minute”