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Biafra is embarked on a solo spoken word career as an anti-pundit/commentator, breaking new ground in the increasingly important medium of info-tainment. He is the head of Alternative Tentacles Records, the record label originally founded by Dead Kennedys in 1979 and which he took over in 1986. He has released an assortment of musical collaborations and a series of trenchant spoken word recordings.

Music Collaborations:
LARD, with Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker of Ministry:
1989 "The Power of Lard" EP
1990 "The Last Temptation of Reid"
1997 "Pure Chewing Satisfaction"
1980 "The Witch Trials" 12-inch EP
1989 "Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors" D.O.A.

1991 "The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy" NOMEANSNO
1991 "Tumor Circus" with STEEL POLE BATH TUB
1994 "Prairie Home Invasion" MOJO NIXON and his band, the TOADLIQUORS
1994 "Will the Fetus Be Aborted" EP MOJO NIXON

Solo Spoken Word Releases:
1987 "No More Cocoons"
1989 "High Priest of Harmful Matter"
1991 "I Blow Minds for a Living"
1994 "Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police"
1998 "If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve"
2001 "Become The Media"
2002 "The Big Ka-Boom, Part One"