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Sirius Radio Studios
Sirius Radio Studios







If you weren't able to check out DK's 2004 tour of the U.K., here's your chance to see what you missed! Listen to a live version of "Police Truck" from the band's show in Edinburgh, with video clips from their shows in Nottingham, Northampton, Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Sheffield, and Stourbridge. Thanks to U.K. Pete, Ben Hollyer, Landon Gale-George, and Rob from Tiny Elvis for the footage and thanks to Emo Riot Productions for editing it all together!

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Istanbul crowd

The Festival

The Festival

The Festival

East Bay Ray


Jeff in Hagia, Sofia,
537 AD

Underground Cistern,
6th century AD

Peter Murphy
(of Bauhaus),
Ray & Klaus

East Bay Ray
& DH

Whole Crew








North Pole Festival
Tromso, Norway

Above Arctic Circle

North Pole Festival

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway




Band & crew at
Asakusa Temple, Tokyo

Fans Outside of Hotel

Fans Inside of Hotel



Radio Interview
Fort Wayne, IN

Pensacola, FL

With Becky Bondage of Vice Squad

With Charlie Harper of UK Subs

Boston, MA

D.H. at
With Full Force Festival
Leipzig, Germany

Group Photo
New Orleans, LA










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September 14, 2006